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Strange Days Have Found Us

by Man On Fire

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cant slow down time, cant make it stop. its eat sleep drink fuck, eat sleep drink fuck rot rot rot. not finding self, or breaking down, just mixing up the medicine and weeding out. and were not the same as we were back then is there a means to reach the end? theres turning back and wishing on a second chance not gonna come or pushing on and stepping back and taking hold until it cracks there is a reason why everyone dies, its not tragic endings. it makes us more alive the pissing, the passing, the bullshitting of time. an angry, disgruntled wasting of a life. gets taken and twisted into what we find the truth thats been hiding all the way behind
cant be surrounded by empty people that bring you down sounds blind to say i want to be brought to higher ground. my hands are sticking to my insides while i rip them out. made a pact to run forever without looking down. how has it come to this, im getting out. in a bad way, from a bad place i've got a bad taste on the roof of my mouth for years weve lived in broken spaces, not taking time to check our heads and take our chances. not living right. we've spent our time making mountains out of our lives im leaving footsteps and taking flight. everybody clap your hands say no.
what do you want me to say? living like this drains the life from me. its not okay, if its just dollars and cents ill go hemingway on my face. where do you want us to go? its like everywhere we turn is another door thats closed but what do you expect when the whole world has gone and got itself broke. what is god? and what the fuck happened to the native americans? where'd they go? you'll probably find them in a trailer park somewhere. what is god? everybody's talking, nobody's listening. where'd they go? and ill sit in the same room, with the same fucking people. and talk about whats dragging us down. too disillusioned by the idea that this holes just too fucking big to climb on out i swear we could live forever. ill find a way to make you listen if youll find a way to shut my mouth were too afraid to make a difference wait till you find out is this what you asked for? is this what you want? im here finding answers, wait till you find out
a man, his road, its never empty he can never go home our time, delayed, im falling down, its getting late were outside with all the people theyre all dying to get down so well start our own religion where we crucify the crowd ideas, decay, buried under where snakes lay my face, the same as a child without a name (forgotten) show me that you wanna live tell me that it isnt right while theyre counting up the pieces and theyre leaving us behind its like were in a fucking epic with all my friends i thought had left holding on for the climax i push eject, whats coming next were so happy to be alive
were stuck in a place so we burn it down i eat it up never spit it out my insides burn i shake when i talk i cant explain how much i love this my hands are free my minds a mix of rotten filth and never ending hope i hate the way that the world smells i cant describe how much i love this you're my favorite you're the best what happens now are you even here can you see the fever in my eyes im reaching down but im lost in time waiting for this, all my life never gonna stop i will never get enough taking what is left forgetting all of it never gonna stop ill never gett enough are you gonna be here when this all is done
like a record player, undone by a wrecking ball were chained together this gravity wont stop the fall stretch us thin, weve lost our grip break us down, detach us from our skin we wont stop shred these words into your palm and throw them away now you can start to live theres a ringing in my ears thats an ocean in my head playing off time a mile ahead just breaking open lost in an empty void just breaking open so we can see inside like the record player, undone by a wrecking ball it shattered sound, it brought us together


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frank Marra at Treehouse Sound in Jersey City July 2012. All songs written by manonfire. All lyrics written by Brian Goglia.


released September 7, 2012


all rights reserved



Man On Fire New Brunswick, New Jersey

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